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30,000 sq. ft. warehouse

We are experts, with over 16 years in business, at finding you rare and unusual fasteners. If it has threads Romstel can generally get it for you in a timely manner at a competitive price.

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We are Broward County’s premier fastener distributor for construction. Romstel, currently stocks $2.3 million in inventory to meet your immediate needs. We also export a great deal to the Caribbean.

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I’ve been to Romstel’s dozens of times and always get very good helpful service even if I’m just buying a $3 drill bit! They have much more stuff than Home Depot or even Amazon! They’ll tell you which drill bit you can buy to drill through concrete AND rebar. They have ANY screws, bolts, concrete anchors, epoxy, Simpson truss hangers etc. Plus you get to choose zinc or galvanized or stainless steel and most everything is in stock. They’re even nice on the phone! They were a big help when I built my home 10 years ago and nothing’s changed except they moved into a bigger, newer building.

Boyd C. / Miami

Any kind of hardware you need they have it! Great staff! Way less expensive than those hardware stores. Try here first..

Jeff C. / West Palm Beach

Great as usual. I’ve been buying from them for years.

Brian J. / Fort Lauderdale

When I say they have everything to do with fasteners and bolts wrenches I mean they have everything and great service.

Alex L. / Miami

Quality Products Guaranteed

Threaded Rod

Size ranges from 1/4” -20×6′ up to 1 1/2” – 6×6′

Concrete Screws

All types of Drywall Screws and Anchors.

Machine Screws

Grade 2 zinc plated steel

Sheet Metal Screws

304 & 315 Stainless Steel

Drill Bits

Loads of Drivers, Nut Setters, Blades, Hole Saws, etc…

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